The Hair Weave Business in the 21st Century

The hair weave business has grown into a billion dollar enterprise due to the popularity of hair weaves. Human hair, as well as synthetic hair, is sought after for extensions, custom wigs, braids and hair pieces.

In the African-American community, for example, the hair weave business continues to grow to larger and larger revenues. For black female culture, hair care and the look of one’s hair is a serious focus. What began as hot combs and relaxers has grown into hair weaves and hair extensions. These weaves and extensions can run into the hundreds as well as the thousands. Studies have shown that black females are not opposed to spending money on their hair.

The hair weave business must include the following:

1. Because African American women are an overwhelmingly large part of the hair weave business, you must include products meant for black hair. Become familiar with hair care products intended for black women as a primary focus of your business.

2. Learn about the different types of weaving such as Remy or European. Some women want only real human hair. Others want to pay less for synthetic. Know the pros and cons and always offer both types of hair for your customers. Read cosmetology books and go online for information on websites or Internet forums.

3. Decide where you are going to sell your merchandise. Brick and Mortar is the traditional way of selling. How will you display the hair? Where will you keep the hair for storage? The other choice is an online store. These will reach more people than a brick and mortar will. Investigate ways to store the hair to sell online.

4. You’ll need to set up wholesale accounts with major manufacturers that you can trust. The lowest prices come from international manufacturers, many of which come out of Asia.

5. Figure out a way for your business to stand out. What makes your hair weave business more attractive than others?

6. Include other items that go wth hair weaving such as hair razors, weaving needles, bonding glue, and more. Make it so that what you’re offering is one-stop shopping so that the customer doesn’t have to go anywhere else.

7. Be prepared to provide discounts to professionals and students of cosmetology. There are a large variety of places where these people can buy their products. They represent some of your best customers if you can get them. So be sure to give them a reason to come to you. Offer anywhere from 20 percent to 35 percent off the retail price.

8. Always promote your business. It’s not enough to just set up shop. Have an attractive website whether you are selling out of brick and mortar or online. Have at least two social networking sites that you can use to promote. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are three of the most popular. Instagram will best allow you to show your products in pictures.

Starting a hair weave business is a smart thing to do in the 21st century. Follow these steps to success.

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